Educational process

Material support of educational process on chair is supported at high enough level.

Educational audiences/laboratories are equipped by the computer technics of last generation allowing in full to solve a konstruktorsko-technological problem. All computers are equipped by the modern license software, an exit in the INTERNET.

Lecture employment are spent by highly skilled teachers with application of multimedia tutorials (the projective, television equipment).

Laboratory works on a chair speciality are spent in a separate building of laboratory by the area 600м ², with application of the modern equipment. Practical training is spent with students in educational laboratory equipped with modern welding devices. Passage terms boundary control and input of its results for students of the internal form and trained on remote technology.

Schedule the Department of Welding and foundry

Working curriculum for the specialty 5V071200 “Mechanical Engineering”

Catalog of elective courses 5V071200 specialty “Mechanical Engineering”

List of ETCD 5B071200 “Engineering”

Material resources for learning

Schedule IWST

Calendar plan of open lessons and masterclasses

Schedule a state examination

Schedule of protection of degree projects

Academic calendar for 2016 – 2017 Academic Year

The schedule of academic process

1.1 Time studies for bachelor and master students of day form of education

Pair ofclasses Time of classes Number of lessons
I Pair 900 – 950 1 lesson
955 – 1045 2 lesson
10minutes break
II Pair 1055 – 1145 3 lesson
1150 – 1240 4 lesson
30 minutes break
III Pair 1310 – 1410 5 lesson
1405 – 1455 6 lesson
10 minutes break
IV Pair 1505 – 1555 7 lesson
1600 – 1650 8 lesson
10 minutes break
Pair 1700 – 1750 9 lesson
1755– 1845 10 lesson

1.2  Control of attendance is the responsibility: the teachers, the leading classes, heads of departments, deans of faculties and staff of the MIND. The director of the weekly report pro-rector on educational work, develop and implement measures to ensure discipline.

1.3  The students of the second course are required to attend classes on disciplines ISC, and students of final year are obliged to attend classes on disciplines of state attestation, which are included in the schedule.

1.4 Point rating system of assessment of academic achievements

Score from alphabetic system Digital equivalents of the letter of evaluation The percentage of mastered knowledge Assessment in the traditional system
А; А- 4,0; 3,67 95-100; 90-94 Excellent
В+; В; В- 3,33; 3,0; 2,67 85-89; 80-84; 75-79 Good
С+; С; С-; D+; D- 2,33; 2,0; 1,67; 1,33; 1,0 70-74; 65-69; 60-64; 55-59; 50-54 Satisfactorily
F 0 0-49 Unsatisfactory