Educational process

Тhe working curriculum in 5В071300 “Transport, transport equipment and technologies”

Тhe working curriculum in 5В090100 “The organization of transportations, movements and transport operation”

Тhe working curriculum in 5В090900 “The Logistiс (Transport)”

Schedule of undergraduates three specialities 

Schedule of doctoral students

The plan for the preparation of educational materials

The schedule development of electronic educational publications

Academic calendar

The schedule of independent work of students with a teacher


Educational process is carried out on three specialities of a bachelor degree:

5В071300, 6М071300, 6D071300 «Transport, the transport equipment and technologies»;

5В090100, 6M090100 «Organization of transportations, movements and transport operation»;

5В090900 «Logistics (Transport)».

Students study a wide spectrum of disciplines which form base representations in the field of modern methods of designing of the enterprises of motor transport, technological processes maindainee and repair of transport technics, the organization and safety of traffic. Course and degree designing is conducted with use of information-communication technologies.

Training at the chair is carried out in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process. Students learn a wide range of disciplines that form the basic knowledge in the field of modern methods of designing transport enterprises, technological processes and repair of transport equipment, organization and safety of traffic. Course and diploma design is conducted with the use of information and communication technologies.

The chair is equipped with modern teaching and laboratory facilities, computer labs, and a unique technological equipment.


In chair branches lessons directly under production conditions on the operating process equipment are conducted, there is a base for carrying out of the lecture employment, equipped ТRE, full-size stands, posters. At carrying out of laboratory works in branches students are engaged in dismantling-assemblage of units, knots, adjustment, tests and diagnostics of systems and units of cars, study on training apparatus, using the advanced technics and technology. Technical officers of the enterprises are involved in the organization and carrying out of employment in branch. Educational and industrial-technological the expert in branches allows to organize, use carrying out better them both base of the enterprise, and branch.

Branch of the department TT and LS

The director – Manukyan Arthur

The manager of branch – Cand.Tech.Sci., professor Zhakenov Bulat

The address: 111500, Karaganda, Bytovaya street, 20, tel.: 8(7212) 44-11-47

In 2008 the Agreement on Bus fleet № 3 inclusion is signed in an innovative and educational consortium «Corporate University» and mutual cooperation between KSTU and Bus fleet № 3. According to the developed Plan of measures of Motor transport chair on implementation of the Agreement on Corporate University system work is carried out. The chair actively involves leading experts of vehicle fleet in carrying out lecture, practical and laboratory researches, to participation in work SAC at delivery of graduation examinations and protection of theses. In 2009 between chair and the enterprise the hozdogovor on performance of research work on development of recommendations of technical re-equipment of technological base is concluded.

Material support of educational process on chair is supported at rather high level. Educational audiences and laboratories of chair are equipped with the necessary list of means of training, the computer equipment of the last generation equipped with the modern license software and an exit on “Internet”. For introduction in educational process of modern innovative forms, teachers when maintaining lecture, practical and laboratory researches use the multimedia videoprojectors, allowing to show a training material on screens. The chair is completely provided with educational and methodical materials in the state and russian languages. In 2009 between chair and the enterprise the economic contract for performance of research work (re-equipment of technological base) is signed.