Educational work

 Department of «Physics»

Our goals and objectives in the education of a patriotically active student sphere

Purpose: Participation in the implementation of the National project “Ulttyk rukhani zhangyru” to create an atmosphere of preserving national and cultural identity in the realization of the creative potential of students in solving the main tasks:

  • formation of spiritual and moral values ​​among the younger generation;
  • the formation of personal qualities of highly professional specialists, the creation of a single socio-cultural sphere;
  • the formation of the internal need of the individual in a healthy lifestyle, with a responsible attitude to the natural and socio-cultural environment;
  • improving the quality of the educational process and realizing the creative potential of young professionals.

Employees, curators of groups AIU-21-2, EE-22-2, EE-23-1r. Sembaeva G.N., Syzdykova Z.R., Aldabergen І.Ye., Department of Physics, KartTU named after A. Saginov, visited and congratulated a low-income family.

Internet Olympiad among pupils of 11 classes of Karaganda and Karaganda oblast

Creative meeting veteran of the department of physics and TSS  Kydyrgali Rarymuly

Master class curatorial hour group involved under the state program “Serpіn”