Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum at the Department of the Kazakh language and culture opened on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan December 14, 2001. 2011 with the support of the rector of KSTU academician of NAS RK Gazalieva A.M. Museum was restored. We purchased new exhibits, equipment and other items of everyday life.

The main task of the museum – a demonstration of the cultural values ​​of the peoples living in Kazakhstan ..

Ethnographic Museum is decorated in the style of the yurt. A central part of the hall is decorated in the form of a dome – shaңyraқ. Shaңyraқ – circular on top is a symbol of our sovereign State. Kerege – sliding slatted base, consisting of separate sections – is the foundation of our history. Uyқi – dome poles symbolize the younger generation, soaring. After all, the future belongs to the young of our country.

The motto of the museum – “Learn the language through culture.” Accordingly, you can get a complete and accurate information about musical instruments, about jewelry, art and everyday life of the people.

On the basis of the museum department of the Kazakh language is implementing various activities are established and maintained communication with the national cultural centers, which operate in Karaganda, in particular: the Korean national cultural center, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish and others. Small material was collected on the work centers were transferred to the museum various materials about the culture and traditions of the peoples living on the territory of Kazakhstan, photographs, magazines utensils. All of this is stored in the archive and museum exhibits periodically showcases the museum.

Museum – a cultural center, which brings together students KSTU and where are traditional activities, round tables and conferences.