Drawing contest, booklet and poster on the topic: “We are against corruption!”

From February 2 to March 03, 2023, according to the plan of the Sanaly Urpak club, a drawing contest, a booklet and a poster on the topic were held: “We are against corruption!” among students of the College of Innovative Technologies of Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov.

The purpose of the competition: to attract students to the fight against corruption, to the development and use of social advertising in order to prevent corruption.

Students actively responded to participation in the competition, prepared colorful posters, drawings, showed creativity and individuality, corporate spirit and ability to work in a group, but, most importantly, they managed to show the negative sides of corruption in a reasoned manner.

Evaluation criteria were developed in advance. After summing up the results, the jury announced the results, thanked everyone for the positive, active participation of the nominees. The best works in the following nominations were noted and awarded:

Nomination “Best poster” KOPZHT group 9/21-1, curator: Zharmanov D.Zh

. Nomination “Best drawing” By 9/22-3 toby, curator: Dzoldaspaeva S.D.

Nomination “Best booklet” group By 9/22-1, curator: Zhaksybaeva S.R.