Dispute “Yermekov A. is a great mathematician, professor, teacher, public figure” dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Yermekov A.

On March 19, 2021 at 15.00

Department of Foreign Languages

will hold

Social-educational online event on Microsoft Teams

Dispute “Yermekov A. is a great mathematician, professor, teacher, public figure” dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Yermekov A.


The event will be attended by more than 80 first-year students of the KTU, as well as teaching staff of Department of Foreign Languages ​.

Purpose: instilling interest in the study of the state and foreign languages, the formation of patriotism through the study of the cultural heritage of the people, the identification and development of students’ creative abilities.

1st year students of the Mining, Architecture and Construction, Engineering Faculty, the Faculty of Information Technologies will show in their videos and presentations the difficult life path, creativity, interesting facts of Alimkhan Abeuovich Yermekov, a great mathematician, professor, teacher, public figure, member of the party “Alash”. And also a debate will be held among the students.

The great enlightener who left a mark on the history of the Kazakh people Alimkhan Abeuovich Yermekov is not only one of the brightest pages in the centuries-old struggle of the Kazakh people for independence in the history of the Alash movement and its glorious leaders, but also a model of a person who has been fruitfully engaged in scientific and pedagogical creative work for many years. Professor of mathematics Alimkhan Yermekov was intensively engaged in the development of scientific mathematical terminology and the creation of textbooks and teaching aids in mathematics in the Kazakh language. Alimkhan Abeuovich was distinguished by high professionalism, conscientiousness and organizational talent of the teacher. Despite the years of repression, Alimkhan Abeuovich managed to preserve intelligence, wisdom, human charm, nobility and mercy, pedagogical skill and talent of a scientist, patriotism and active civic position. His whole life and work is a clear and worthy example for us, contemporaries, in determining a personal position in a dynamic world. After all, the success of modernizing Kazakhstan and building a truly competitive, developed democratic state will depend on each citizen, his life position and attitude towards society.

The responsible for the event are the head of the department of foreign languages, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Jantassova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the social-educational work of the department Izotova Aigerim Serikovna, teachers of the department Yarema Tatyana Vladimirovna, Tokumbayeva Aliya Aitpayevna, Magauina Gulbakyt Muratovna.

We invite everyone to our event!

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