12 January, KSTU was visited by directors of the colleges and boarding schools for gifted children in Karaganda region. As it is known, our university has a sufficient number of modern laboratories, well-equipped with innovative high-tech equipment. The visit of the heads of educational institutions to the technical college was initiated by the head of Department of Education of Karaganda region A.K. Aimagambetov, after his recent visit to KSTU.

The purpose of teachers’ visit was introduction with up-to-date equipment of the centers and laboratories of KSTU and learning experience of teachers and researchers as one of the leading technical universities in the country.

– Professional development of working and engineering personnel is one of the priorities of the personnel policy of modern Kazakhstan, – Director of the Educational-methodical center of Education Development Gulsum Shabdanovna Kozhakhmetova said. President repeatedly emphasizes that we need educated young specialists of engineering profile. Therefore, the colleges should learn from the experience of KSTU in innovation and research, equipment of the training centers of the university and the training of highly qualified specialists of industrial areas.

According to the Director of Technical Construction College of Karaganda Balabekova Svetlana Kerimbaevna, each college has its own development plans, and accordingly set goals.

– Today, the issues of continuity between school, college and university are very important for specialized secondary educational institutions. Also the collaboration with universities in terms of active development of research activities of college students is held. At the present time the success of the individual in the professional plan is largely determined by creative potential. That is why education, focused on the creative development of the personality of each student must come to change education that gave high level of general knowledge. Participation of college students in research activities makes them more competitive for admission to the university, and acquired research skills allocate students among others and contribute to a more rapid development of professional status.

– We have been cooperating with Kazakhstan Welding Institute at KSTU, – the Director of Mining and Industrial College of Karaganda Ivchenko Gennady Ivanovich said. That equipment that at Karaganda State Technical University is very unique. Students of our college here receive priority skills, learn new techniques and technology of argon welding. They prepare for international competitions. It is necessary to mention dedicated scientist Igor Anatolyevich Bartenev, we are also very grateful to the Welding Institute of KSTU.

By the way, all directors of colleges and schools are grateful with collaboration of KSTU  and soon they have plans to have a signing of a Memorandum of cooperation in order to deepen comprehensive partnership with the university.