Interactive platform in social networks on the topic “Abai and Pushkin – two geniuses of two peoples”

This event is held within the framework of the implementation of the “Ruhani Zagyru” Program of the basic project “Kitapil – Bilagy”. The dialogue platform will be held in social networks from November 22 to December 6, 2018 in conjunction with the ISPU – Ivanovo State Energy University (Russia). All students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers of KSTU are invited to participate.

Link to participate:

Objectives of the event:

– instilling and strengthening interest in the study of the Russian language;

– formation of skills of culture of conducting dialogues;

– strengthening national unity and patriotism;

– formation of a sense of understanding and respect for other cultures;

– instilling interest in reading;

– expanding the horizons of students.

Abai and Pushkin are two geniuses of two nations, light poets, our glory, pride, and unsurpassed achievement of Kazakh and Russian culture. Their poems are hymns of high citizenship, “the union of magical sounds, feelings and thoughts.” For them, “poetry is the ruler of the language.”

They have a lot in common, despite the fact that they lived and worked at different times. Two humanists, whose hearts are imbued with love for their people, the dream of their enlightenment and freedom.

Abay and Pushkin are deeply original and national. In their works, the real ones are vividly drawn, from Pushkin – originally Russian, from Abay – original Kazakh pictures of the life of the people. “My incorruptible voice was an echo of the Russian people,” wrote Pushkin. The themes, plots, images of their works were and remain consonant with the soul of each person. The boundless expanses of the steppes, the life and life of the Kazakh aul, summer nomads, preparation for winter, falconry. But both Pushkin and Abai are deeply alien to national limitations. “… Often he spoke of the times to come. When nations, having quarreled after forgetting, will join the great family, ”these words of A.S. Pushkin are consonant with the thoughts of Abai that“ A person who has studied the culture and language of another people becomes equal with him … This is the key to life.