Development of a comprehensive language learning system based on « « «Аrtificial intelligence» technologies

On April 29, 2024, at Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov, under the chairmanship of Board member – Vice-rector for Scientific Work A.K. Rakishev, Deputy Chairman, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. Z. Isagulov and members of the competition commission O. M. Zharkevich, B. D. Suleev, R.K. Azilkhanov, a competition of scientific projects for a grant for young scientists was held.

The purpose of the competition was to stimulate research activities and develop the scientific potential of young scientists.

The competition committee heard 12 projects. The evaluation of the submitted documents was carried out on the basis of clause 7.1 of the Regulations on the competition of scientific projects of the Karaganda Technical University grant for young scientists. Based on the analysis of the submitted documents and the results of the hearing of the candidates, an assessment was carried out and the results were determined.

In the competition of scientific projects, the grant of the Karaganda Technical University for young scientists was won by a teacher, M.P. of the Department of “Kazakh Language and Culture” of the Faculty of Transport and Road, Zhaldybayeva Ainur Zhakypbaevna.

Congratulations to my colleague on winning the grant!