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The Chair of “Welding and foundry manufacture” prepares the bachelors on a speciality 5В071200 “Мechanical Engineering” on the basis of the credit system.

Learning path:
– Equipment and technology of welding production;
– Machines of the foundry industry

For the next few years, the department has the following tasks:
– improvement of professional skill of teachers in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process;
– the strengthening of practical training of students;
– training of students at the modern welding equipment and instruments;
– the establishment of the Training centre for training and improving the qualification of welding personnel of the enterprises of Kazakhstan.

One of the achievements of the chair is the creation on its base of the Kazakhstan institute of welding. The mission of the department is training of highly qualified specialists in welding production, meeting the requirements of the employers, on the basis of modern educational technologies and continuous improvement of educational-methodical activity of teachers and laboratory base of the department.