Department’s history

In September, 2008 under the decision of University administration and the Academic council of KarSTU the computer science department had been organized. By the first managing department had been appointed c.e.s., senior lecturer Sultanova B.K.
In connection with appointment of Sultanova B.K. to a post of dean of FIT in April, 2009 fulfilling duties managing department had been appointed c.t.s., the senior lecturer Kan O.A.
The department was organized for perfection of quality of educational process, expansion of educational services, optimization and loading improvement on discipline “Computer science”.

The primary task of department — to give to students strong bases of fundamental formation in the sphere of computer and an information technology.
There are 15 regular teachers in the department’s staff, from them 2 – senior lecturers, 8 – senior teachers and 3 – teachers. Преподаватели кафедры Информатика Department’s PTS has developed and confirmed educational-methodical complexes on discipline “Computer science” for all specialties in Kazakh and Russian languages. Internet versions of EEW are placed on a portal of KarSTU, and also manuals are published.
At constantly operating exhibition of innovations of KarSTU the department of computer science presents: electronic training course “Microelectronics”, by Kan О.A.; electronic book “C ++”, by Barzhaksynova А.I., Kudysheva G.O.
On the department the system of modern education and preparation of qualified personnel is actively supported. The special attention is given to the students, wishing to be trained abroad on the basis of the program “Bolashak”

Teachers of the department Kan О.A., Sulejmenova L.K., Kudysheva G.O. actively participate in carrying out regional and remote international olympics on programming among pupils and students with active agitation of entrants to enter KSTU.
Teachers of the department conduct employment on computer courses parts of IPQ for teachers and employees of KSTU.
Teachers of the department actively take part in work of republican and international scientifically-practical conferences.

Computer science

Computer science is the area of human activity connected with processes of transformation of the information by computers and their interaction with environment of application. The term “computer science” had been entered for the first time into Germany by Charles Shtejnbuhom in 1957. In 1962 this term had been entered into French language by F.Drejfus, which also had offered transfers into a number of other European languages. The term “computer science” had been entered in Russia by A.I.Mihajlov, A.I.Chernyi and R.S.Giljarevskii in 1968
The computer science as fundamental science is engaged in developing methodology of creation a supply with information of managerial processes by any objects on the basis of computer information systems.

Basic scientific directions in the computer science sphere are:

  • Developing network structure
  • Computer-integrated manufactures
  • Economical and medical computer science
  • Social insurance and environment computer science
  • Professional information systems

The computer science as applied discipline engages:

  • Studying of laws in information processes (accumulation, processing, distribution)
  • Creation of information models of communications in various areas of human activity
  • Developing information systems and technologies in concrete areas of a science and manufacture

On the lessons of discipline Computer science students learning following themes:

  • Algebra of logic and the discrete mathematics
  • Operating systems and architecture of the computers
  • Algorithmization and programming bases
  • The computer drawing and the Internet