Department of Primary Military Training

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Alishev Bolat Zhambaevich

Department “Basic military training” is a graduating department for specialty 5B010400 “Basic military training”, only in our university in this specialty, students are trained at the military department, followed by the assignment of a military rank “lieutenant”.

Developed at the department the educational program, its scientific and practical activities are aimed to creating professionals, demanded by the market.

The aim of the department is

-to improve quality and quantity of the educational process;

-the efficiency of educational and methodical process;

-a development of a fundamental and applied research complex,

-involvement in scientific activities of teachers and students;

-all sides development of the individual student on the basis of educational work.

The leading scientific and pedagogical achievements in university training, improving the quality of education, stimulating the creativity of teachers in teaching methods and organizational work are used by the department in the educational process.