Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education today

Sports and fitness work, sports and mass work are one of the important parts of department s job with students and University staff.

The possibility of the efficiency of the sports and fitness work is provided by one of the best bases of the city and qualified coaches of the department. Coaching is held by senior instructor N. G. Grishin (handball), instructor S. B. Kuzhakhmetov (power-lifting), senior instructor Y. A. Okasov (football), instructor O. N. Yeleukeshev (boys volleyball), senior instructor R. M. Sadenov (girls volleyball), senior instructor A. S. Seysenova (girls basketball), senior instructor O. Y. Cheryasova (track and field).

There are 27 sport sections and 5 GPP groups in the University. The amount of students that practice is about 600. The members of University teams successfully perform at city, region and republic competitions.

The teams greatly performed at the 2nd and the 3rd sports festivals between Universities for Karagandy region mayor s prizes, where they took the 1st prize.

Traditionally, there are three sports festivals that are held at the University: the Freshman in 7 kinds of sport, the Interfaculty sports festival in 14 kinds of sport, Cheerfulness and Health for rector s cup in 6 kinds of sport.