The Department of MA and LP was visited by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of NUST MISIS Kolikov K.S.

As part of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to attract foreign scientists, Karaganda Technical University invited K.S. Kolikov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Mining Ecology of the Mining Institute “National Research Technological University” “MISIS”, to the Department of “Mine Aerology and Labor Protection” for consultations, scientific seminars, lectures to students, employees and teaching staff.

The invited professor gave a series of relevant lectures and seminars, the master classes, delivered the trainings and held the scientific consultations with students of all levels and academic teaching staff of the department from 22.11.2021 to 26.11.2021.

Seminars and consultations were held with students studying under the educational program 6B11201 – «Life safety and environmental protection» on relevant topics «Problems of coal methane utilization», «Modern methods of coal bed degassing», «Problems of ensuring methane safety of mines during high-performance coal mining», «The concept of solving the problem of developing coal and gas deposits. Basic technological solutions».

Master classes, lectures and seminars on the topic “Modern methods of degassing of coal seams” were held for master’s student of the department.

A training on the topic was organized with the teaching staff and staff of the department: «Technology of advanced degassing of coal seams».

Kolikov K.S. held consultations for 2nd-year undergraduates in the field of mining ecology. Also, he visited the scientific laboratory of the department, evaluated new devices and equipment designed to determine the state of the air environment.

Together with the head of the Department, N.R. Zholmagambetov, the results of the work and plans for further cooperation of the Karaganda Technical University with the Mining Institute “National Research Technological University” “MISIS” were discussed.