Department of “Higher Mathematics” at the Spartakiad “Vigor and Health” – 2024

Sport is an integral part of modern man, which, in addition to improving health, also brings a lot of positive emotions. On the basis of the KarTU university named after Abylkas Saginov, the traditional sports competition “Vigor and Health” was held among the teaching staff and employees. The Spartakiad has become an excellent platform for the implementation of the law “On Physical Culture and Sports” and for promoting a healthy lifestyle in the educational environment. It provided an opportunity not only to take part in competitions, but also to share experience and knowledge in the field of physical activity and sports.

This year’s event included competitions in various sports, including futsal, volleyball, chess and table tennis. Holding a sports day at the university was an excellent opportunity to unite the professional community and promote the development of physical activity among employees.

Futsal, volleyball, chess and table tennis were chosen as the main sports for the competition. These disciplines provided an opportunity for the Spartakiad participants to show their skills and achievements in various types of physical activity.

Such competition promotes team spirit and allows participants in different areas of professional activity to unite together in order to achieve a common goal – promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sports help develop important skills such as leadership, cooperation and time management.

At the final stage of the Spartakiad, competitions took place in mini-football, a popular sport that is rapidly developing in the Karaganda region. Ph.D., acting, was elected captain of the mini-football team of the 1st corps of KarTU. Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics Zhurov V.V. The team showed strength and unity by taking second place, losing first place to the KazMIRR team in a bitter struggle.

Taking care of your health is our first responsibility to ourselves. Sports and the right habits will allow us to enjoy a full life, have the energy to achieve our goals and enjoy every new day. So let’s put our health first and begin to carefully strengthen it!