The Department of Foreign Languages held an educational event dedicated to the Day of Science: quiz ‘The Amazing World of Science. Legacy of K. Satpayev’.

On the 12th of April the students of the first year of the technical university gathered for a fascinating event dedicated to science and scientific achievements, celebrating the Day of Science in Kazakhstan, plunged into the amazing world of scientific discoveries and cognition. The quiz, organised by the Department of Foreign Languages, was held in the educational building №1, room 521, where 4 teams of contestants and 40 spectators, as well as faculty members of the department participated.

The event started with a quiz ‘The Amazing World of Science: The Legacy of K. Satpayev’, where each team of two participants chose the category of questions and their complexity. The questions covered various aspects of science and technology, from the history of science to modern technology and scientific achievements of K.I.Satpayev.  Students competed in knowledge and demonstrated their teamwork skills.

The first stage of the quiz was followed by an exciting conclusion – a laboratory project where the participants presented their scientific skills and creativity. The prepared laboratory work and demonstrations showed how science works through experiments and impressed the jury with their originality and scientific accuracy.

This special event was organised to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding scientist Kanysh Satpayev. Students and teachers proudly noted his contribution to the development of science in Kazakhstan and honoured his memory with their knowledge and aspiration for scientific creativity.

According to the results of the quiz, the teams took the following places and were awarded with certificates of honour:

1 place – gr. SIB-23-7 (teacher Bogdanova A.A.);

2nd place – gr. BT-23-2 (teacher Tulegenova M.K.);

3rd place – gr.RET-23-2 (teacher Issina N.T.);

4th place – gr. IS-23-1 (teacher Magauina G.M.).

The participants of the event finished the day inspired and ready to continue their scientific path. Participation in such events not only expands knowledge, but also inspires new achievements and accomplishments in the wonderful world of science.