Department of “Foreign Languages” of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University held an educational event on 10 October 2023 at 13.10: Festival of languages of the people of Kazakhstan “Language is the soul of the people”

The event was held in the Palace of youths “Zhastar әlemi”. The event was attended by more than 70 students of the first year, as well as teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages.

The purpose of the event was to instil in students respect for the languages, culture of other nationalities, interest in knowing the state language, the formation of patriotism through the study of language as a heritage of the people.

The Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan has become a reflection of the model of interethnic relations that have historically developed in the country. The policy of peace and harmony in Kazakhstan is conducted at the state level and is enshrined in legislation. The policy of our state is aimed at strengthening the equality of the people of Kazakhstan, irrespective of their ethnicity. The principles of the state language policy are defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” and “On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The event was conducted in three languages by students of the group GIK-23-2 Aubakirov D. and Shermanov T. The festival began with a welcoming and congratulatory speech by senior teacher of the FL Department, Akhmetova D.R. Arslan Kadirkanov (under the guidance of M.K. Tulegenova) performed “Hallelujah” to the sounds of the guitar, creating an exceptional atmosphere of the evening. The students of the group MV-23-1 gave us an amazing performance, which combined several folk dances, creating a medley of cultures and times.

Next, as part of a quiz on the languages of the world, students demonstrated their knowledge. Questions about languages and interesting facts challenged their intelligence. The teacher Nesipbaeva N.E. awarded the winners with sweet treats.

The musical journey continued when Murat Yerbolat (gr.IS-23-1s), touching the dombra, performed the kyu “Yerke Sylkym”, as if taking us to the Kazakh steppes.

The game “Polyglot”, which was conducted by lecturer E.A. Zhdanova, united students in teams, where proverbs with missing words called for knowledge of three languages. They did not just find the right words, they translated them, revealing the true mastery of the word.

In the spirit of creativity, the students came on stage, taking on creativity challenges. They recited poems in foreign languages, performed unusual tasks and inspired us with their pictorial imagination.

Concluding the incredible evening, student of gr.BT-23-2 Lustina Anna (lecturer Bogdanova A.A.) performed a song about Kazakhstan in two languages, where every sound and word reflected the pride and love for this land.

On the final note, the teacher Beydeldinova G.M. awarded the groups with certificates of honour in the nominations “The Most Creative Group” and “The Most Erudite Group”. This evening will be remembered as a celebration of cultural and linguistic richness, leaving unforgettable impressions and inspiration in the hearts of all present. It was a celebration of cultural and linguistic diversity, which united us in respect and understanding of different languages and cultures.