Department of Entrepreneurship


Contact details:
Cabinet 248, the main educational building of KTU

N.Nazarbayev avenue 56, Karaganda, 100026, Kazakhstan
Tel: 8 (7212) 56-75-97, ext.1000

In 2017, by order of the rector, the Department of Entrepreneurship was created, which was entrusted with the functions of supporting the activities for the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific and technical activities of scientists, staff and students of the university.

The main functional responsibilities of the Department:

  • creation of favorable starting conditions for scientists, employees, students of all levels of education and graduates who decide to open their own start-up companies and engage in entrepreneurial activities in science-intensive areas of the economy;
  • creation of favorable starting conditions for KTU divisions planning to open a spin-off company or planning to provide commercial services in the profile of their activities, including the provision of engineering and maintenance services, conducting custom R&D;
  • creation of a favorable environment for already existing small and medium innovative companies, as well as start-up companies interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with the University in order to use its human and scientific potential;
  • implementation of measures aimed at improving the entrepreneurial culture and activities in the field of commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific and technical activities;
  • transfer of knowledge and technologies based on the development of business incubators, including student ones;
  • search and attraction of investors for the implementation of projects of scientists of the University;
  • strengthening ties with production, business structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, industry institutes, organizations of the Corporate University.