The day of the great love of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu

Kazakhstan, as an alternative to the international holiday of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14, the date was proposed – April 15, dedicated to the legendary Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu. The organizers of the new Kazakhstan holiday adhere to the position that the new Valentine’s Day is not just a transfer of the event from one date to another. The celebration itself must be different. Every year, this day is trying to celebrate richly, taking into account our culture, customs and mentality, in memory of the great love of the Goat-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu.

Here and on April 15 in College of innovative technologies passed the General curatorial hour for students of 1,2 courses on which the Deputy Director on BP Syzdykova E. S and the teacher.socio-humanitarian disciplines of Umirbekova G. W introduced with the epic , showed excerpts and told the story of Bayan-Sulu and Goats Korpesh, Students with great interest watched the movie, asked questions, expressed their opinions, students bust his a And d B. 2 course read love poems.