About the defense of doctoral thesis Dauletzhanova Zhanna Taumuratovna

Dauletzhanova Zhanna Taumuratovna will defend his doctoral dissertation for the PhD degree on the topic “Study of ways to improve the quality characteristics of Shubarkol deposit’s coal” in the speciality 6D070700 – “Mining engineering” in the Karaganda Technical University.

The language of defense of a doctoral dissertation is Russian.

The dissertation was carried out at the “Development of Mineral Deposits” department, Karaganda Technical University.

Temporary members of the dissertation council

  1. Gabaidullin R.I. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Scientific and Research Center “Geomark” LLP;
  2. Khodzhayev R.R. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Director of “Geomark” Research and Development Center LLP;
  3. Abekov U.E. – PhD, Head of Production LLP “Maker” – KLMZ”.

Scientific consultants:

1.Drizhd N.A. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Development of Mineral Deposits, Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda.

2.Apstain S.A. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS – Moscow, Russian Federation.


  1. Bondarenko T.T. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Technical Department of NPK “AlGeoRitm” LLP, Karaganda.
  2. Bakhtybaev NB – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of “MINING RESEARCH GROUP” LLP, Karaganda.

Online defense will take place: December 28, 2021, at 10.00 am. the address of the Dissertation Council: 100027, Karaganda, Nursultan Nazarbayev Ave., 56, 2 building.

Link to Zoom-conference:


ID: 935 456 2699

e-mail: zh.dauletzhanova@gmail.ru


Диссертация Даулетжановой Ж.Т.

Отзыв зарубежногонаучного консультанта – Эпштейн С.А.

Отзыв научного консультанта – Дрижд Н.А.

Список трудов Даулетжановой Ж.Т.

Рецензия Бахтыбаев Н.Б.

Рецензия – Бондаренко Т.Т.

Заключение Этической комиссии Даулетжановой

Отзыв научного консультанта – Дрижд Н.А.