About the defense of doctoral thesis

In «Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University» NPJSC will take place Kenessova Perizat Erkinkyzy the doctoral thesis defense for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree on a theme «The creation of control systems adjustable speed electric drive in the modes of the generator braking» in the educational program 8D07103 – «Electrotechnical complexes and systems».

The dissertation work was carried out at the department of Power Supply of «S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical Research University» NCJSC.

The doctoral thesis defense language is Kazakh.

 Research supervisors:

  1. Tatkeeva Galina Galymzyanovna – Associate Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department «Power Supply» of NPJSC «Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University named after S.Seifullin» (Astana city);
  2. Kaluzhsky Dmitry Leonidovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Energy of  FSBEIHE «Novosibirsk State Technical University» (Novosibirsk city).


  1. Almuratova Nurgul Kanaeva – PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department «Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations» of NPJSC «Almaty University of Energy and Communications named after Gumarbek Daukeev» (Almaty city);
  2. Akaev Aibek Muratbekovich – PhD, Associate Professor, Dean of the School of Atomic and Traditional Energy of NPJSC «D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University» (Ust-Kamenogorsk city).

 Temporary composition of the Council:

  1. Talipov Olzhas Manarbekovich – PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of «Electrical Engineering and Automation» of NPJSC «Toraigyrov University» (Pavlodar city);
  2. Erbayev Erbol Tolegenovich – PhD, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian and Technical University named after Zhangir Khan (Uralsk city);
  3. Orynbayev Seytzhan Aueszhanovich – PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Department of Science and Commercialization of the NPJSC «M.H. Dulati Taraz Regional University» (Taraz city).

Defense will be held: Oktober 17, 2023, at 12.00 at Karaganda Technical University at the following address: 100027, Karaganda, Avenue Nursultan Nazarbayev 56, The Defense Meeting will be held online on the Zoom platform (conference ID 483 510 80 11, access code 777).

Website: http://www.kstu.kz/dissertatsionny-j-sovet/

e-mail: Perizat_kenessova@mail.ru