“Debut of the first-year student”

“Debut of the first-year student” of Transport and Road Institute October 24, 2012 at 17.00 was held event “Debut of the first-year student” among groups of the first-year students of Transport and Road Institute. “Debut of the first-year student” is planned for a year, for three general stages. This time was the first stage of the event-the most talented group. The second stage – is the most sporting group and the third stage – the smartest group. Organizer of this event was trade bureau of TRI. The aim of the event was to define the most talented group of the year, to make conditions for realization of creative potential and also engineering skills of the first-year students of TRI. The main objectives of the event were: to raise creative activities of youth, to reveal potential ability for self-expression. It was necessary in each group to prepare concert programme for 20 minutes and create a model of a road bridge in the event. Deputy head For AA Aliyev T.K., Deputy head for EA TRI Bezkorovayny D.V., Chairman of KSTU trade union of students and undergraduates “Zhas Orda” Mazhenov A.A., Deputy chairman of KSTU trade union of students and undergraduates “Zhas Orda” Bekbashev S., Head of the departments KL&C Kabikenova K.S., teacher of HM department Zhilkibayeva L.K. were invited for the event. The group TT-12-2 was awarded at the end of event, which shown themselves as the most talented group among all first-years students of TRI. Other participants were awarded by gratitude letters and valuable presents. It was very interesting and unforgettable.