Debate with participation of TT-18-3, ОП-18-2 and Лог-18-2 groups on the subject “My Higher Education Institution — KARGTU”

On April 12, 2019 students of TT-18-3, OП-18-2 and Лог-18-2 groups participated in a debate on the subject “My Higher Education Institution — KARGTU” which was organized by the curator of TT-18-3 group Mustafina L.M., the curator of group Лoг-18-2 Alimova B.Sh., the curator of the group ОП- 18-2 Makhmetov G.Sh., the acting associate professor of HM Zhurov V. V., the senior lecturer of HM department Abayeva N.F.

Students listened to the review of books and printing editions on history of KARGTU which was prepared by the librarian Makhayeva Ermek Zhaksylykovna. Books, brochures and booklets published in different years of activity of the university were brought to attention of students.

During the debate the competition “The Game” on a subject was held: Whether “We know KARGTU?”, in which questions on the following nominations are offered students:

  1. History of KARGTU
  2. Significant dates
  3. Rectors of KARGTU
  4. Outstanding scientists of KARGTU
  5. Faculties of KARGTU

Each nomination contained 4 questions estimated at 200, 400, 600 and 800 points.

At the end of the game of jury summed up the results of a debate and announced results.

Лог-18-2 group which gained 3000 points became the winner of the game “My Higher Education Institution — KARGTU”, the 2nd place was taken by TT-18-3 group with 2800 points, the 3rd place – ОП-18-2 with 1400 points.