The debate and the business game on the theme of “Business and youth: from words to deeds»

As part of The implementation of measures to involve students in strengthening the spiritual and moral values of the National Patriotic idea “Mangilik El”, the program “rukhani zhangyru” and the culture of a healthy lifestyle at the Department on March 27, 2019. Debates were organized and held on the theme “Business and youth: from words to action” and a business game, which was attended by students of FIEM-16-1(GMU), FIEM-18-4 (mark) and e-18-2.

2 teams participated in the debate. The teams were divided by their positions. The first team was of the opinion “it is Possible to reduce the level of risk in business”. The second team – “it is Impossible to avoid risks in business”. During the discussion, the students offered such methods of risk reduction as diversification, risk distribution between project participants (transfer of part of the risk to co-executors), insurance, hedging, reservation of funds, covering unforeseen expenses. Experts analyzed the arguments of the two teams and drew conclusions on the proposals of the team leaders.

The business game was aimed at communication skills of students and identification of the leader in the team. During the game of the four teams, only two identified students who actively showed their leadership qualities and became leaders. At the end of the game were summed up and the students were awarded prizes.