Debate tournament “Kazakhstanis – Nation of One Future” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence

On December 16, 2021 our country celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of Independence. This is an important date in the formation and development of the statehood of our Republic. In this regard on the 7th of December 2021 Karaganda Technical University Department of Russian Language and Culture held a debate tournament “Kazakhstanis – Nation of United Future” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence.

Debate tournament was held under the guidance of the head of the Department of Russian language and culture, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Ospanova B.R. with participation of department assistants: Akisheva L.B. and Tsoy K.P.

The goals and objectives of the debate tournament were: implementation of multilingual education; development of oratorical abilities and creative potential of students; upbringing of leadership skills, flexibility and political literacy; familiarization with moral and spiritual-cultural values of society.

The debate tournament was attended by first-year students of Kartu with state language of instruction, who debated according to the rules of the parliamentary format in teams of government and opposition. The game was held in two stages. The winners of each stage met in the final game. The game was evaluated by the organizer of the debate club of Kartu, a 3rd year student Amantai Yerniyaz (GRR-19-1).

We would like to note the students-speakers who took an active part in the game and showed high oratorical abilities. In the first game Nasima Markhamatova (SIB-21-3) and Ilyasov Makhambet (HTOV-21-1) represented the parmalent team and defended an opinion “for” on the topic: “Modern Family – the keeper of national traditions”, the opposing point of view was presented by Zhaksybay Shugyla (TsAF-21-1) and Aiganym Mazataeva (BT-21-1).

In the second game the point of view of parliament on the theme: “Migration – the way to a successful future” was defended by Delmanov Altynbek (GRD-21-1) and Kuzekbai Abdul-Gaziz (GRD-21-1), and the side of opposition was taken by Akylbekova Azhar (GD-21-1) and Mazataeva Ayganym. In the final game, the theme of which was: “Distance education – the development of modern society” the winners of rounds 1 and 2 – Nasima Markhamatova and Makhambet Ilyasov, Azhar Akylbekova and Aigal Mazataeva expressed their ideas.

We would like to note that today there is a revival of the debate movement in schools and universities, as the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov said. At the debate tournament “Kazakhstanis – a nation of one future” we discussed the most important problems that each of us faces: the development of health and education in our country, the problem of resettlement, as well as issues of preserving family customs and traditions, which is a guarantee of development and the path to a successful future. Every year our state develops and strengthens, and at the debate tournament students once again proved not only that Kazakhstan was established as an Independent state, but also that the prosperity of the state depends on each of us.