Dear students!

We are informing you about the beginning of accepting documents for participation in the competition for studies on the academic mobility program during the autumn semester of the 2022-2023 academic year in European and Chinese universities by financing the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A prerequisite when submitting documents for participation in the competition:

– undergraduate students studying under the state educational order, starting from the 2nd year

– Mandatory English language skills at B1 / B2 and above, current academic performance of GPI is 3.0 and higher and maximum compliance of the specialty.

Documents for participation in the competition are accepted on the website:

(Education – Higher Education-Services-Acceptance of documents for participation in the competition for studying abroad within the framework of academic mobility) until April 15, 2022 inclusive!!!

List of required documents for participation in the competition:

1) Copy of the passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2) a transcript of current performance certified by the seal of the university

3) IELTS certificate, if available, in the absence of a certificate will be tested for knowledge of a foreign language.

4) Medical certificate (for traveling abroad) in the form approved by the order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5) a document on the composition of the family, to confirm the large families of the student

6) a document confirming the student’s disability

7) motivation letter

8) letter of recommendation (signed by the head of the department, Dean of the faculty)

9) If available: certified copies of diplomas, certificates, diplomas, letters of appreciation of the republican or international level by specialization.