Dear participants of the Internet- Olympiad, self-registration is extended until January 13, 2016!

The dates of the Internet- Olympiad:

I stage – correspondence tour, performed from14.01.2016 to 11.02.2016.

14.12.2015- 13.01.2016ensuring access for participants is available for download on the website

14.01.2016 — 21.01.2016 – issuing tasks in the subjects.

21.01.2016 – 29.01.2016 – checking the work.

01.02.2016, at 12.00 – preliminary results on in the “Internet Olympics”.

Consideration of applications for appeal to 02.02.2016.

II stage- internal round, 11.02.2016 .

Place Karaganda state technical University, Karaganda, Boulevard Mira,56. Full-time participants of stage be the student with the highest number of points according to results of the correspondence stage of the contest.


11.02.2016 , at 10:00 – competition for all subjects, the test operations and the results.

11.02.2016, at 15:00 – awarding the winners of the online competition.

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