Red Labor Banner order Karaganda State Technical University has wonderful traditions and glorious history. Since 1953 in its walls there have been trained over 70 thousand highly qualified specialists.

Special pride presents the fact that the State Head N.A. Nazarbayev acquired the bases of higher engineering education at our University.

In 1972 for high achievements in specialists training and high results in scientific research KSTU was conferred a Jubilee Honor sign, in 1976 – the Red Labor Banner order, twice – in 1976 and in 1981 it was introduced in the Gold Honor book of Kazakhstan. In 1980 Karaganda Polytechnic Institute together with Lomonosov Moscow State University became the winner of socialistic research and was awarded with the challenge Red Banner. In 2008 KSTU was awarded by certificate of honor “Altyn sapa” for an active participation in the competition for prize of the RK President.

KSTU is a higher school with selecting curricula for bachelors, masters and doctorates.

The first Corporate University was created in Kazakhstan, which unites 50 strategic industrial enterprises of Central and North Kazakhstan. Integrated university innovative-technical complex comprising 7 SRI, 35 SRL, 3 scientific-technical centers, Centre of the students innovations, Engineer profile laboratory and technology park “POLYTECH” which comprises 6 scientific-research laboratories and 4 innovative enterprises which have the biggest scientific capacity and experience of innovative activity was organized. There was formed a zone of high technologies “High tech” with are of 4000 m2 .

Within the frames of the dual education system at KSTU for the improvement of competitive specialists training there were formed 6 centers of working professions in the most mass and demanded directions: mining, telecommunication, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and welding, as well as training-scientific-production complexes: “Dual technical education”, “Modernizing civil engineering and housing-and-communal services”, “Metallurgy”, “Transport”, “Power engineering”, “Dual military training”.

On KSTU base there has been organized the only in Kazakhstan “Institute of Welding”, which purpose is training specialists of international level and the transferring of modern welding technologies in oil-and-gas branch and industry. The Institute presents a modern scientific and technical-training complex equipped with welding and multimedia complexes of the world manufacturers: «ESAB» (Sweden), «КЕМРРI» (Finland), «LINCOLN ЕLЕСТRIC» (USA). In November 2013 there was first graduation of workers, technicians and engineers by the orders of enterprises (ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Karachaganak Petroleum, Ersai, Bogatyr Komir, etc.)

At the University there function equipped with modern equipment electronic reading rooms a museum, Sh.Kudayberdyev Center “Tri-unity of languages” and an exhibition “KSTU innovations” n.a. academician A.S. Saginov “KSTU innovations” were opened. There was opened a military-technical institute for the first time in Kazakhstan based on one of the best military departments in the country.

Recently the University strengthened its positions in the educational area of Kazakhstan. Its dynamic development is conditioned by developing and successful implementing  in practice unique models: HEI management, Corporate University, Electronic University, patriotic education on example of the RK First President N.A. Nazarbayev, Parents’ Committees working by means of e-mail, Students’ self-managing.

The conception of patriotic education was twice presented to the RK Parliament Mazhilis and got high appraisal of specialists at the RK President’s Administration, Senate and RK Parliament Mazhilis.

Taking into account the importance of educational work and the youth policy, at KSTU there was organized the Association of students’ and youth’s organizations. KSTU students’ trade union “Zhas Orda” combined organically all positive sides of educational and social work with the youth.

Specialists training quality improvement is assisted by implementation of the Bologna Process principles. The basis of the Bologna Declaration is Magna Charta Universitatum signed by KSTU in autumn 2009. Participation in Magna Charta Universitatum is a dialogue ground for discussing the ways of KSTU integration into the world education area.

The University international cooperation is a priority in the partnership with academic and training structures all over the world.

The University implements the programs of two-diploma education with the largest HEIs of America, Europe and the CIS: Louisiana Technical University, Freiberg Mining Academy, Tomsk Polytechnic University, RUPF, MEI, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and others. Today the University has signed over 170 contracts and memorandums of cooperation with universities of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Czechia, Belarus, China and other world countries including those entering the Top-30 and Top-50 of the world rankings (Hon Kong University, Albert University, etc.). KSTU master and doctor students have practical work at foreign HEIs, KSTU staff pass their qualification improvement, students are trained by the program of academic mobility within the frames of two-diploma education. Today about 100 students and master students of KSTU are studying at the best universities of the USA, England, France, Germany, Korea by the programs “Bolashak” and DAAD.

The University participates in international educational projects TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Synergy, ShOC University.

Together with the main Direction for the development of Chinese at KSTU there was organized a Confucius Institute.

In 2011, according to the data of the global Spanish webometric rankings (Webometrics), KSTU entered the international ranking of the 5000 best universities of the world. In 2013 in the “Ranking Web of World universities: Top 12000 world Ranking” KSTU took the 3453 place – this was the best result in Kazakhstan By the results of “Euro-rankings – 2013” carried out by the European Union standard developed for higher education institutions in which there participated 2 678 HEIs of the world including 23 Kazakhstan HEIs, KSTU entered the five leaders among Kazakhstan HEIs.

The HEI strategic aim is building an innovation-research university with high education quality and high demand for our graduates all over the world.