Dear deans of faculties and heads of departments!

Please fill in the table of monitoring of the licensed version of the software for computer classes.

In this table, make a list of the required specialized licensed software by choosing from the list of programs and adding it if necessary programs. In addition to office programs, total commander, and translators.Mandatory requirements: the file name must match the name of the Department; in the header must be signed by the head of Department (specify what kind of chair), date and month. Font hats inside the file: Times New Roman, size 14., the font inside the table is the same, only the size 10.

To provide this data in 220 th auditorium of the main building in electronic and paper form to 15.04.2015

Vice-rector for academic affairs, Professor, d.p.s.                        V.V. Egorov

Download the spreadsheet in electronic form