Dear colleagues and students!

We are glad to invite you to take part in the international summer school on the basis of the Industrial University of Tyumen (Tyumen, Russia).

In the summer of 2023, the Industrial University of Tyumen will host the international summer school “Ecoengineering”:

The International Summer School contributes to the development of researcher skills and scientific communication, forms an environmentally-oriented position. The participants of the summer school will study global environmental programs and form proposals to promote the implementation of the environmental component of sustainable development.

The purpose of the event: the formation of skills in design and research activities in the field of environmental and industrial safety, the identification of intellectual potential, the creation of conditions for self-realization of the School participants in research and scientific activities.

Form of participation: in-person and remote formats (BigBlueButton).

Venue of the event: building No. 8, FSFEI HE “IUT” – Lunacharsky, 2.

Period of the event: 03/07/2023-08/07/2023

Applications for participation in the School are accepted: E-mail, responsible person Tarasova Svetlana Sergeevna, tel. 8 (3452) 283-753.

Application deadlines for participation: from 04/17/23 to 06/23/23.

You can find detailed information about the international summer school in the attached letter.