Dear colleagues!

Over the past two decades has significantly changed higher education. Distance learning and quality assurance have become increasingly important issues. The quality of higher education has become of utmost importance in the world. Professional accreditation has become more important as more higher education institutions running programs in different formats, enters the market.International conference on Quality in Higher education (QHE, 2014) will provide an opportunity for scientists, researchers and experts around the world to present their recent research, results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of quality of higher education through a global perspective. The purpose of the conference, therefore, is to provide a platform for scientists and researchers to share their diverse understanding of the growing global concern about quality of education.

International conference on Quality in Higher education 2014 will be organized by the University of  Sakarya, which is the leading University in enhancing quality in higher education in Turkey. The conference will include presentations by invited keynote speakers from different corners of the world and presents reports, focusing on the development of the theory and quality assurance practices and procedures to enhance the quality of higher education. The conference proceedings will be published in electronic form and in hard copy in favor of higher educational institutions, agencies, quality assurance, academics, students and society in General.

You can participate in this international academic event, which is designed to promote excellence in higher education, and we will be very glad to have You as our guest at the Sakarya University in Turkey.