Day of the State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Constitutional Law” on state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan ” was adopted on June 4, 2007.In accordance with this law, June 4 is celebrated annually in the Republic of Kazakhstan as the day of state symbols.Statesymbols-the flag, coat of arms and Anthem-represent the independence and independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the whole world and are a vivid reflection of the continuity between the past, present and future of our state.The symbolsarealso valuable symbols that convey the spirit, heroism and wisdom of our people, high dreams and desires.

In honor of this holiday of the country, the staff of the Department of “Higher Mathematics” held an event. The purpose of the event is to reflect on the history, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people. Instilling in young people a sense of patriotism, an appeal to patriotism, and education of courage. Not as in the first years, few people today do not know the lyrics of the National Anthem. We are not mistaken if we say that he is the fruit of propaganda.

“We have longed for independence. Now we must especially cherish and cherish the sacred symbols of independence. Every citizen should have the flag, coat of arms and Anthem of Kazakhstan as a talisman. This is the test point of our country,” the head of state said in his speech on state symbols. All Kazakhstanis should keep these words of the head of state in their hearts and always remember them. After all, the symbols are a distinctive feature of the country, symbolizing its own way of life, identity and ideals of communication with others. There is no independent country without state symbols. State symbols are an integral part of the country’s development. Therefore, the respect of Kazakhstanis for these symbols and their reverence as talismans should be especially felt. The whole world knows our country through symbols.