Cycling methodical commission “Socially-humanitarian disciplines”

Nowadays CMD of Social disciplines and the humanities regards the person as the central figure of historical, political, social and spiritual life of society. CMD SDH is headed by Natesova Victoria Konstantinovna, the teacher of the highest category. The teaching staff consists of 11 persons: 4 of them are the teachers of the highest category, 2 teachers have the first qualification category, 4 teachers have the second qualification category. Teachers of the CMD SDH conduct studies of the following disciplines: “World history”, “History of Kazakhstan”, “Man and society”, “Philosophy basis”, “Political science basis”, “Human rights basis”, “Culture studies”. The knowledge received from studying of these subjects will help the graduates of Technological college to estimate difficult real life situations and to find the right decisions objectively from the view of different scientific positions. Teachers of CMD of SDH are actively involved into scientific projects of Technological college students which take prize-winning places in regional, republican and international scientific-practical conferences.