Kamarov Rymgali Kumashevich, candidate of technical sciences, professor.

He was born on March 14, 1949 in Ayaguz, Semipalatinsk region in the workers’ family. In 1976 he graduated from Karaganda polytechnic institute on specialty “Construction of underground installations and mines” with assignment of qualification “mining engineer-builder”. In 1980-1984 he studied on correspondence post-graduate course of KarPTI and defended PhD thesis. Since 1976-Head of laboratory “Physics of rocks”, since 1982 – senior scientific employee, since 1990-lecturer, since 1992-senior lecturer, since 1998 – associate professor, since 2010 – professor of “Working out of mineral deposits”. Since April. 2010 he has been Head of Professional Development Institute at KSTU. In May 1992, he defended PhD thesis on theme “Working out of struggle methods with sulfur-containing gases in carrying out of cleaning and preoperational works (on example of mines of Karaganda basins)”. Academic degree of associate professor on specialty “Development of mineral deposits” is assigned by HAC RK in June, 2002.

In 1994-1998 and 2009-2010 he worked as deputy dean of mining faculty. Since 1998-2003 he has been chairman of housing commission of trade union committee of KarPTI. Since 2003 he has been member of commission on UNT and ISC MES RK. Since 2009 he has been member of MES RK commission on checking universities for compliance of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on education and regulations of licensing education activity. Since 2010 he has been member of KSTU Academic Council.

Results of creative activity of R.K.Kamarov is reflected in more than 160 printed works, including 5 monographs, 6 teaching aids, 1 brochure, 10 author’s certificates and patents.

Kamarov R.K. is put down to the Honour Board as “Best inventor of the Institute”, On “Honour Board” of Institute on results of social competition, awarded by breastplates “Inventor of USSR” (twice), “High achiever of invention and rationalization”, gratitude of MES RK for active, productive participation in scientific-research works and implementation if inventions into production with big economic effect. He is a laureate of All-Union award of NSIR USSR.

Scientific works