Correspondence and distance faculty

CDF is a high-quality educational services at the level of the requirements of the XXI century.

The faculty provides education in 35 undergraduate majors, covering the areas of “engineering science and technology,” “Social sciences and business,” “Education,” “Art,” “Services” for  rapid and short educational programs.

The accelerated educational program with term of training of 3,5 years is realized for the persons having basic secondary professional and postsecondary education (colleges) on chosen related specialty of a bachelor degree. Entrance examinations for this category of entrants are carried out in the form of complex testing (KTA).

On the reduced educational program (second higher education) with term of training of 2,5 years is carried out the training of specialists, having higher education. Transfer in number of students is made on the basis of the entrance examinations which are carried out in the form of interview.

On specialties: 5В042000 – Architecture and 5В042100 – Design preparation of students is carried out on correspondence присутственной to form of education. Feature of preparation is that creative studio occupations are carried out in full, on saturdays, and other disciplines are studied independently in a mode of correspondence course. Training term on these specialties on an uchkorenny educational program makes 4,5 years, on the reduced – 3,5 years.

Educational and methodical work in the institute carried out in complete accordance with the regulations RK and coordinated by Teaching and Methodical Council of the University. The educational process is organized by loan program.
For the all specialties CDF learning process is implemented by using keyse distance learning technologies, which are based on deliberate and controlled by intensive self-study student who can learn in a comfortable place and at a convenient time, observing the rules of training.
Provided for the further development of the principles of continuing education in the “college-university” and the second higher education, more interaction with the enterprises members of the Corporate University.
Organizing and conducting classes by highly qualified professors, lecturers and teachers, and producing educational departments of the University. Part-time students can receive advice on any day of the week, but Saturday is the official day unchanged.
Institute students have free access to the collections of libraries, the Internet, use the services of reading rooms and computer classes. Starting with the 2009/10 academic year, students are provided with educational material in electronic form.

After successfully defending his master’s work for students issued a state diploma with the qualification Bachelor of allowing to continue their studies in master’s degree.

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