From 10/25/2022 to 10/31/2022, the World Kettlebell Lifting Championship was held in New Delhi (India), as well as the parallel standings of the fourth stage of the World Cup.

A student of our University Gorbachev Ilya gr. TMO 21/2 became the silver medalist of the World Championship in a long cycle of competitions by lifting two weights of 32 kilograms 53 times, simultaneously winning the 4th stage of the World Cup.

On 29.10.2022, the championship of the Karaganda region in futsal, the highest league, started. Our national team KarTU-Kazimir took part in it. The competitions were held in the Tulpar sports complex.

Our team met with Kazstroy team in the first round and beat it with a result of 5:4. (Coverage of 25 people).