Congratualtions on Victory Day!

We celebrate the remarkable date on the 9th of May – Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic war!
There lived 6.2 million people in Kazakhstan before war. A quarter of them, about 1.7 million, went to the front, more than half had not returned from the war. There were formed 12 infantry divisions, seven rifle brigades, about 50 regiments and battalions of different types of troops during the war in Kazakhstan. 500 Kazakhstan’s people became Heroes of the Soviet Union during the war, including four honoured with this title twice. More than a hundred of Kazakhs became full Cavaliers of the Order of “Glory”.
Congratulations to all those who put even the smallest piece in the case of Victory, because a powerful and great prosperity of our state formed from those particles. We wish you feel constantly the warmth of millions of people who remember and will remember for a long time about your great deeds.
This holiday come into our hearts as a symbol of heroism and unparalleled courage of the people, who fought for peace on earth.
There’s no family, which has not touched with war. We revere the memory of our fellow countrymen who did not return from the battlefields. We remember the great feat of the toilers, forged Victory in the rear. We are grateful to the defenders of all generations, who have devoted themselves to serving the Fatherland.
Continue worthily traditions of fathers and grandfathers and increase the wealth of the native land is a sacred duty of the young generation. Memory lives in good works, aimed to the welfare and prosperity.
Congratulations on Great Victory Day!