Competitions in national games

Mechanical engineering faculty together with Zhas Orda held competitions in national games.

Mechanical engineering faculty  jointly with the Trade Union organization “Zhas Orda” organized competitions on national kinds of sports, timed to celebration of the national holiday “Nauryz”. In the competition took part students of all faculties. The competition was held in three kinds of sports: Kazakh kuresi – personal credit, “Arkan Tartu” – between faculties, “Kir tasynan koteru” – personal credit.

Competitions were held at the highest level. The winners of competitions in personal championship were awarded by diplomas I, II, III degree. Winners of competition “Aren Tartu” were awarded by diplomas I, II, III degree, in addition to the team won first place was awarded a Challenge Cup of the trade Union of students and graduates “Zhas Orda”.