Competitions dedicated to “Nauryz Meiramy”

In order to form a new tradition of celebrating “Nauryz Meiramy” and enrich its content with ideological meaning, a sports festival was held in the KARTU sports complex named after Abylkas Saginov on 03/18/2024 by the Department of FW together with the DMP.

At the opening of this event, the Chairman of the Board, the Rector of the NAO “KARTU named after Abylkas Saginov”, Ph.D. in Economics, Kalykov A.K., and many honored guests – veterans of teaching staff, deans of faculties, representatives of the DMP, were present and delivered a welcoming speech.

The national teams of the Mining Faculty, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, the Faculty of Transport and Road, the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, the Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications, the national teams of two dormitories and the national team of the College of Innovative Technologies participated in sports competitions in Asyk ata, Arkan Tartu, kettlebell lifting, There are ten teams in total.

In the arkan tartu competitions, the teams took the following places:

1st place of the ASF; 2nd place of the team of the general.  No. 3; 3rd place of the FEAT; 4th place of the total. “Armandastar ordasy”; 5th place TDF; 6th place GF; 7th place FIEM; 8th place KID; 9th place FIT; 10th place MF.

Kettlebell lifting: 1st place MF; 2nd place total.  No. 3; 3rd place of the FEAT; 4th place of the total. “Armandastar ordasy”; 5th place GF; 6th place TDF; 7th place FIT and ASF; 8th place KID; 9th place FIEM.

Asyk ata: 1st place MF; 2nd place total.  No. 3 ; 3rd place KIT; 4th place FIT and TDF; 5th place ASF, GF, FEAT, FIEM, total. “Armandastar ordasy”.  Coverage of more than 300 people.