Competition “Total dictation” dedicated to International Literacy Day.

On September 30, 2021, the Department of Russian Language and Culture of the Karaganda Technical University, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhagyru program, will hold a Total Dictation competition dedicated to the International Day of Literacy by the decision of the XIV session of the General Conference of UNESCO.

Organizers: head. Department of Russian language and culture Ospanova B.R., responsible teachers Ten A.V., Tsoi K.P.

The form of participation is full-time.

Target audience of the event: 1-3 year students.

Coverage: 100 people.

Objectives of the event:

  • implementation of multilingual education;
  • preservation and development of the creative potential of students,
  • increasing the motivation of students to learn the Russian language.

The “Total Dictation” competition, dedicated to the International Literacy Day, will be held among 1-3 year students with the state language of instruction. The “Total Dictation” competition provides an opportunity to draw attention to literacy issues and develop a culture of literate writing among students.

The change in landmarks by modern culture has led to the fact that reading and the skill of literate writing faded into the background and became of little relevance for the younger generation, therefore this event contributes to an increase in interest in the language and the development of literate writing, and will also help to convince students that being literate – important for every person.

Event coordinators: 

  • Ten A.V.
  • Contact phone: + 7701-369-5940
  • Email mail:


  • Tsoi K.P.
  • Contact phone: + 7701-6-252-888
  • Email mail: