Competition “National currency of Kazakhstan”

On November 15, since 1993, the Day of the National Currency of Kazakhstan, the Financier’s Day, has been celebrated in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On this day, 29 years ago, the Kazakhstani tenge was introduced on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The National Currency Day was held for the first time at the Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov, organized by Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor A.S. Daribekova and M.E.N., Senior lecturer of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Management N.S. Daribekova.

The Department of Economics and Enterprise Management held a competition “National Currency of Kazakhstan” among students of 11th grades of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, college graduates together with the Education Departments of the regions of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the competition was:

– expansion of the scope of activity of the NAO “Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov” in terms of establishing contacts and fruitful cooperation with educational institutions of the region;

– improving financial literacy of young people;

– activation and stimulation of interest in cognitive, research activities that allow determining the future profession of “economist”.

The competition was held in two stages:

round 1 (online), where participants had to send essays prepared in the state or Russian languages on the topic “The history of the creation and development of the national currency of Kazakhstan” by November 5, 2022.

The commission consisting of Biryukov V.V., Tazhibekova K.B., Daribekova A.S., Daribekova N.S., Rauandina G.K., Plutalova I.V. determined the participants of the 2nd round.

They became:

Bekmurat Azhar Lyceum School No. 71 of the Akimat of Astana Kazakh language


Kakesha Ardakgul Higher Innovative Multidisciplinary College
Rozabakieva Adiya Lyceum School No. 66 named after D.A. Kunaev of the Akimat of Astana
Zhaskairatova Samal Higher Innovative Multidisciplinary College Russian language
Vinichenko Kristina KGKP “Higher Innovative Agrarian College “Ertis”” Akkuly subdivision, Pavlodar region

5 applicants took part in the second round of the quiz.

The quiz consisted of three categories. Each of the applicants passed:

– questions of the 1st category (with the correct answer to 6 suggested questions – received 12 points);

– category 2 questions (participants were asked 2 video questions. If the answer was correct, they received 8 points);

– task of 3 categories (guess the word, phrase related to money from the picture. For a correctly guessed word, participants received – 5 points.)

The quiz was conducted in offline and online modes. Bekmurat Azhar participated offline, the other participants: Kakesh Ardakgul, Rozabakieva Adiya, Vazhnichenko Kristina and Zhaskairatova Samal participated in the online format.

The jury members were practitioners of the financial and credit sphere:

  1. Gulnara Baymuratovna Amanbayeva – Director of Lending at JSC “Jusan Bank”
  2. Mikhail Mikhailovich Briko – Director of the branch of JSC “Eurasia Life Insurance Company” in Karaganda
  3. Bachaeva Marina Mikhailovna – Head of the Personal Service Center No. 19 of the Karaganda branch of JSC “Halyk bank” of Kazakhstan

The results of the quiz were announced by the members of the jury:

FCs Prize – winning place Language of instruction
Bekmurat Azhar 1 Kazakh
Kakesha Ardakgul 2 Kazakh
Rozabakieva Adiya 3 Kazakh
Zhaskairatova Samal 1 Russian
Vinichenko Kristina 2 Russian

The head of the winner of the Bekmurat Azhan Nurmakhankyzy competition is the history teacher of the Lyceum School No. 71 of Astana, Kuttybadamova Gulzhan Beisebayevna.

Practitioners of second-tier banks talked about bank products, digitalization, applications and the possibilities of using them.

A competition of wall newspapers on the topic of the national currency was held. The winners of the competition were awarded by the head. By the Department of Eim, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Tazhibekova K.B.: prize-winning 1st place group E 21-1, curator senior lecturer Rauandina G.K., 2nd place group E 20-1. Curator teacher Tursyngalieva K.N.

Then the floor was given to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Doctor of Economics, Professor V.V. Biryukov. He congratulated all participants, invited guests, students and faculty members on the National Currency Day.

The organizers of the quiz thank the teachers of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Management for their assistance in organizing and conducting the competition: Lustova N.S., Tursyngalieva K.N., Rauandina G.K., Plutalov I.V., Sultanova G.I. Kulpeisova S., Siyazbek A.