Competition in the sphere of education and technology

The Committee of science under Ministry of education announced the opening of a competition in the field of education and technology in 2014 by Islamic organization for education, science and culture, which headquarters are located in Rabat and organization among the member States of the organization of the contest of young scientists and technologists of Muslim countries for the ceremony of the best works aimed at the solution of scientific-technological problems of socio-economic nature.

The competition is aimed at promoting research novelty in fundamental education and technology, also young scientists in the field of biology, geology, mathematics, physics and technology  can take part in it.

Prize Fund is USD 5,000 and the certificate. Awarding of winners will take place during the Islamic conference of MES RK.

Under the terms of the contest candidates must be scientists and technologists who will speak on behalf of the Muslim countries. Requirements of the contest in the following are also important:

1) an outline indicating the scientific and technological features of the works presented for the contest;

2) 5 copies of recently published volume of articles;

3) list of all the articles;

4) brief biography.

Additional information about the participation in the competition is available on the website.

Given the above, the list of those willing to participate, please send to 10th April of the current year by e-mail.