Competition for the best video «I am a patriot» among KSTU students

The competition is held from 6 February to 10 April 2017. The organizer is Research Institute of Patriotic Education of KSTU. The Competition is open to all students of KSTU. The fee for participation in the competition will not be charged.

Requirements for contest works:

a) you must prepare a video strictly on the set subject to participate in the Competition;

b) provided work for the Competition must meet the following requirements: the work, its content, the plot, the action of stage individuals and characters must not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

C) it is prohibited to use (borrow) other people’s videos and graphic materials, texts, design ideas fully or partially. Images must be correct, must not contain obscene language or gestures;

d) a sequence of images, videos, with sound or without, not more than 5 minutes on removable media.

Application for participation in the Contest is available until March 6, 2017 in accordance with the form specified in the Annex to this Regulation.