Competition «Chinese bridge»

International competition «Chinese bridge» among foreign students in the world (Han Yu Qiao) is a major international competition, led by Hanban. «Chinese bridge » was to students from different countries an important way to study the Chinese language and understanding of China.

31 March 2014 Confucius Institute at the Karaganda state technical University held a regional stage of competition «Chinese bridge».

The competition consisted of three phases: understanding the answers to the questions, creative room. In the competition took part students of Confucius Institute.

The competition of a place were distributed as follows:

Zhunusova Anar Seytkaziev

Babayev Rustam Iskhakov

Nurbaeva Arailym Amangeldievna

The winners will participate in the Republican stage of competition «Chinese bridge», which will be held in Almaty on April 26, 2014.