Commercialization reactor

commercializationreactor2.jpg-550x0If You have a project with the potential to enter international markets and You want to, on the basis of its development to achieve commercial success, then You have the chance. COMMERCIALIZATION REACTOR in Riga annually helps scientists find entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to bring the project together with You to market and achieve commercial success. Thus, scientist have the opportunity to become a full member and company founder, created on the basis of its own design, and it does not leave a favorite thing. In 2016 the event will be held November 2 – 5. If You fill in the questionnaire and Your project will be pre-selection, in this case half of the costs (travel and accommodation) kompensiruet.

To participate You need to sign a Memorandum of cooperation and to complete the project (in the app) until September 15, 2016. More info please contact on the following contact details: expert at the commercialization Reactor Abylai Akhymbekov 87021308945, email

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