Chess and mathematics

In the modern world, chess is treated not only as a sport, but also as an integral part of the education system.  Chess is an ancient Indian game. The first version of this game was called “chaturanga”. The word “chess” comes from Persia. The phrase “checkmate” means “the king is dead.” It has been established that the game of chess has fairly close interdisciplinary connections with all disciplines. The solution of chess problems, puzzles, rebuses contributes to improving the quality of mathematical education. Studies conducted in countries where chess has been introduced as an educational subject show that students demonstrate high results in independence, creative thinking, reflexes and comparative analysis.

At the department of “Higher Mathematics” a “Chess Club” has been organized among 1st year students of KarTU named after Abylkas Saginov since March 1, 2022, headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Tutanov S.K. The purpose of the chess club is to develop in pupils the ways of mental actions, self-governing mechanisms of personality and aesthetic perception of the world around them through a chess game.

Chess attracts people of all ages because of its depth, uncompromising nature, and the ability to create. Today’s youth are now immersed in gadgets, communicate less with each other, and if they do, it is mostly online. The chess club provides an opportunity to spend time with benefit, communicate with interesting people, see each other in person, find friends. It is important for the student to awaken the desire to develop and give them the opportunity to do so. Chess develops: memory, logical thinking, spatial imagination; develop: perseverance, attentiveness, purposefulness, independence. The chess club can also help with this. Many talents can be hidden in one person. He may not even guess about them and live his life without revealing any of them. It is especially important to find your talent, predisposition to something in childhood, when you are just choosing your life path.

The first meeting of the “Chess Club” was held on March 18, 2022 at the Department of Higher Mathematics as part of the celebration of Nauryz, which hosted the first stage of the chess tournament among 1st year students of Abylkas Saginov KarTU.

The purpose of the tournament is to promote and popularize chess as one of the intellectual sports, as well as the development of friendship and mutual understanding, the promotion of intellectual development and a healthy lifestyle, and the restoration of friendly ties between students.

Main tasks: to introduce students to the chess game, which occupies a prominent place in the life of a developed human society; to reveal to students the triune essence of chess (chess is a sport, science, art); teach pupils the rules and techniques of the game; develop logical thinking and imagination of students; to cultivate the spirit of collectivism and the moral and volitional qualities of the personality of students in the process of conducting a chess fight; the formation of aesthetic perception on the examples of classical samples of chess games, compositions and the desire for self-expression of students.

26 young chess players took part in the tournament. Among them were winners and masters of sports in chess. The tournament was held according to the Swiss system. The winning students advanced to the second round. During the competition, we noticed the desire of students to win. Winning students who made it to the second round: Rysmaganbet Sayat (student of the group OPI-21-2), Akhmet Temirlan (student of the group MD-21-1), Kabdullaev Olzhas (student of the group OPI-21-2), Amangeldi Oelun (student of the group OPI-21-2), Akhmet Temirlan (student group MD-21-1), Degoyan (student of the group ND-21-2), Omirzakova Zh (student of the group TS-21-1), Zhenіs Adilbek (student of the group Sib-21-2), Zholdasilov Kuanysh (student of the group Sib- 21-2), Kozhakhan Zhansultan (student of the group Sib-21-2).