Integrity Hour “Adaldyk sagaty”

The 5th of November a preventive meeting was held at the College of Innovative Technologies in conjunction with representatives of the UIP GUYUP OMPS Central OP of Karaganda Beisembay S.S. and Omarova N.S. At the meeting, the main provisions of the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of combating corruption, the anti-corruption strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and changes in the field of combating corruption were discussed. An employee of the department also provided information on the functioning of the free call center (number 1424), according to which everyone can consult on anti-corruption issues and report violations. Particular attention is paid to the role of the family in the education of the anti-corruption culture of the individual, the national foundations of the anti-corruption culture.

As well as the senior operative officer of the UPN of the Day of Karaganda Region, Major of Police K.A. Korninenko conducted an anonymous survey among 308 college students on the fact of anti-corruption actions.

Based on the results of 308 questionnaires, it was revealed that the College of Innovative Technologies did not encounter anti-corruption actions by the teaching staff.