Centre of the job professions

On the basis of Karaganda state technical University in November 2011 established the Center for Working professions in the #1 mechanical engineering (order No. 1674 of 28.11.2011)

The opening of the Centre of working professions (CWP) based on KSTU enabled with minimal cost to improve the quality of training of students in practice gave the opportunity to purchase their jobs in the conditions close to production for specialties “Mechanical engineering” and “Professional training” (the mechanical path).
CWP equipped with lathes including lathe, CNC milling with milling machining center, CNC drilling machines, and grinders, grinding machines, Laser machine equipment for metal preparation, allowing students to develop original work profession and modern innovative technologies of metal processing on CNC machines.
The training is in line with the curriculum, taking into account manufacturing practice in 240 hours, with subsequent submission of trial works and exam. Upon completion of training is given to the second category of qualifications of the selected “path” with the issuance of the document of the established sample.
CWP is part of the educational scientific production Association “Dual technical education” in this regard, CWP based teachers and students of specialty “Mechanical engineering” to produce parts and prototypes for testing in scientific projects.
Prepared documentation, the prototype of the hydrodynamic heater (supervisor Kuchin V. N. ) for exhibition in Astana.

CWP works according to the curriculum and URSG can prepare students for the “trajectories” of the following engineering professions:
1. The operator of machine tools with program management
2. Turner
3. Miller
4. Driller
5. Repairer-industrial equipment
6. Toolman
7. Mechanical Assembly fitter works
8. The controller machine and plumbing work
In June 2013, 23 students of the specialty 5B012000 -“Vocational training”, which chose the path of learning engineering, was awarded working qualification of Turner of the second category.
In June 2014, 53 students of the specialty 5B012000 -“Vocational training” received a certificate of the established sample according to the qualification of mechanic repairman, 51 students of the specialty 5B012000 -“Engineering” trained qualified Turner with a certificate of the established sample.
In June 2015, 37 students of specialty 5B012000 “Vocational training” and the specialty 5B071200 “mechanical engineering” have completed their internships by profession Turner at the end of which will receive certificates of the established sample.
To prepare students for worker occupations, gives a chance to undergo practical training in paid jobs in the engineering profile.

During the period of work of CWP (2011-2015) were implemented following the repair, equipping and refitting of workshop No. 101 in the Centre of working professions:
— restored 7 screw-cutting lathes;
— restored 6 milling machines;
— acquired 20 jobs for plumbing work;
— performed the following repair work in educational workshops: produced by pouring the floor, the wooden panels replaced by tiled in accordance with the requirement of TS and PS, installed roller gate, carried out the dismantling of the ventilation system, installed plastic Windows and doors in an instrumental workshop and the residential area;
— the CWP developed didactic material and work programs for three working professions Turner, Miller, mechanic, repairman, selected educational films on TB in the workplace and in technology of processing on machine tools, in the classroom there is technical literature for the theoretical classes;
— passport developed by the CWP and the required QMS documentation;
— prepared training and production workshop 101″and” for the production of hydrodynamic heaters (HDH): repaired, installed roller gate, flooded floor, with installed welding equipment, crane lifting capacity 1 ton, fixtures, Assembly of stands required for the release of GAM;
— renovated and equipped with modern posters classroom for an introductory briefing and theoretical training
— made posters on safety for the registration of the shop
— acquired 20 jobs for plumbing work;
— installed new hardware – turning center, milling machining center, laser machine.
— replaced two screw-cutting lathe in lathes of a new generation of JET stamps.
— for the practice acquired the necessary consumable tools and materials, but in 2015 in insufficient quantity obtained cutting tool;
— the instructions for TS in CWP, routine logs instruction on safety and labor protection in the workplace for students and employees
— released a video and booklet on the activities of the CWP.