Center of Marketing and Contract Relations

In order to ensure the quality of forming the contingent of students and undergraduates, improving career-oriented work on the initiative of the Rector of the University A.M. Gazaliyev there was formed the Centre of Marketing and contractual relations (CMCR).
The Center provides organizational, methodological and advertising information provision for the formation of student contingent and theirs preparation to enter to the University.
The Center includes:

Sector of Marketing and Advertising (SMaA). Aim:  collecting and systemizing the information of the University activities with the aim to issue advertising production for the entrance students, providing with advertising-and-information material the professionally-oriented events carried out by the University and carrying out questioning among the students of pre-university educational establishments on the issues of entering higher schools.

Sector of  Vocational Guidance Work (SVGW).Aim: organizing vocational-oriented work for the formation of the students contingent of the University.

Sector of Pre-University preparation (SPUP). Aim: organizing and conducting vocational guidance of the secondary school students for entering the University.

In 2010 the University made a record enrollment – 4342 students and became a holder of  1089 state educational grants thanks to everyday careful vocational guidance work carried out by the Center and the University staff, which was performed systematically,  using such innovation creative methods, as carrying out subject Internet-Olympiads, on-line meetings, conferences, classes in the Sunday school, work of mobile groups and complex brigades.

Thus, KSTU the second successive year is the absolute leader in the number of grants in Central Kazakhstan and in the 8th place among Kazakhstan higher schools, only national universities holding the first places.

Sector of contractual educational services (SCES). Aim: providing  quality contractual  relations by the way of signing agreements with the University students, technical lyceum and Technological college, with both physical and juridical entities.