Center of career guidance

Center of career guidance and the departments conducted the Internet — Olympiad in 7 subjects (history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, biology, chemistry, Kazakh language, Russian language).

The main goals and tasks of the contest were:

– identification and development of students of pre-University educational institutions of creative abilities and interest in studying physics, chemistry, the Kazakh and Russian languages;

– to promote scientific knowledge;

– the use of Internet technologies in academic activities, as well as attracting potential University students to study at KSTU.

The Olympiad was held among pupils of 11 classes of schools of Karaganda and Karaganda region, regardless of their level of preparation, without preliminary selection. It was submitted 202 applications for participation in the correspondence round of the more than 40 schools.

Absentee round of Internet competition was held  from 14.12.2015 to 02.02.2016 remotely: computers with educational institutions or with home computers students.

According to the results of the extramural round were defined as participants of the internal round, which was held on  February 11, 2016 in KSTU, in which participated 100 students from 30 schools. The list of participants of the internal round had been posted on the website of the University and sent to schools. The winners of the contest were awarded with diplomas and gifts, parties and for subject certificates.